The Life Coaching Scam

It’s the same old scam. Life Coaching. Mentors. Consultants.

We really should just call them money sucks.

Black holes for greenbacks.

Let’s get something clear. No one, and I mean No ONE has all their shit together.

The self help books didn’t work so now the “coach” is going to straighten you out. Not gonna happen.

You need change and you don’t want to.

Sure, the coach can point you in the right direction. Give you some advice.

But you have to take it.

You don’t need a “Life Coach,” you need a butt whooping.

Coaches should yell!

Coaches should make you able to do things you didn’t think you could do. To push yourself.

Life coach… get yourself a drill sergeant and be willing to cry. You’ll thank them later.

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