Your Best 100 People

Take the brightest, the smartest, bravest 100 people you can think of.

Doesn’t matter who they are.

Now, you and them are stranded on an island. You have nothing, but the island has everything.

Rich mineral deposits, fertile soil, and livestock. Everything you need except not one piece of technology.

No wheels, boats, sewing needles, or even lighters.

And even with your hundred best, you won’t have those items.

So much of our technology depends on very specialized knowledge. The hundred brightest minds in the world don’t know everything that is need to make a sewing machine, let alone an iPhone. Who will mine the gold and silicone for the circuits? Microchip design? Programming? And what about taking care of livestock?

We often think that if we just get the “right people” together we can make it all work. Maybe you can. But maybe, having those 100 people still won’t give you what you are looking for. That one extra person that you think would make everything easier.

And maybe, kicking that one person you don’t like off the island won’t change a thing.

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